The Unlikely Hero

Ducks Nuts" is inspired by an unlikely face of a body care brand: Bruce Ryder, whose infamous catchphrase "Loosen up and grab life by the balls" became a credo for thousands of men and women in the 70s to start living their best life. How?

It's simple—take that one thing you love, that you live and breathe, and absolutely go for it. If you get a little banged up on the way, he's created a collection of body care bath balls and sprays to help repair and loosen up the sore bits so you can keep 'playing, swinging, riding, making, or kicking.


The Making of Bruce Ryder

Welcome to the world of Bruce Ryder, where AI innovation meets creative originality. Bruce Ryder is the first custom-designed AI-generated brand ambassador of his kind. Unlike the AI-generated "social media influencers" or art appearing on feeds designed to trick the viewer into believing it's something it's not, Ducks Nuts Co openly celebrates the custom AI face of their brand.

Bruce was conceptualized from scratch by Creative Director Emma Barbato, who worked alongside a global team of AI designers, coders, and graphic artists over months of critiquing, model training and graphic illustration to fine-tune every detail of Bruce's world. Using the traditional methods of character development seen in fictional films, graphic novels, and books where the protagonist has a fully formed back story, moral framework, personality and lifestyle. Bruce Ryder has a story to tell and its moral is the backbone of the Ducks Nuts brand.

The creative team blends the art of storytelling with AI design technology, pioneering into new territory that we hope enjoy as much as we do.

Here's some of the real stuff we want you to know about Ducks Nuts.

Besides our products being backed by a unique dude, we are pretty stoked to be 100% Australian made and owned. Not to mention that every time you purchase one of our Ducks Nuts, 6 real Aussie suppliers and manufactures do a happy dance. So every time you click buy, make sure you do one for yourself for paying it forward. 

Our range is vegan friendly that has only been tested on sore humans. You’ll be happy to no that no ducks or nuts were harmed in the making of our products.