In the rapidly evolving realm of AI-driven social media influencers, Ducks Nuts Balls stands at the forefront of digital creativity with the unveiling of its retro creation: Bruce Ryder. A culmination of ten years of research, Bruce Ryder represents the partnering of cutting-edge technology and traditional design, marking a milestone in brand development. 

Bruce Ryder emerges as Australia's first openly AI-generated Brand Ambassador using custom AI modelling technology, transcending conventional social media norms. Positioned within the vibrant culture of late 70s Australia, Bruce embodies the essence of an era cherished by Generation X, drawing inspiration from the nostalgic charm of the Golden Era, where the term "ducks nuts" originated. This backdrop adds a sentimental layer to Bruce's persona, evoking memories of Malibu Cocktails, XB Ford Falcons, a retro soundtrack and his signature satin bath robes. 

Emma Barbato, the Creative Director of Ducks Nuts Balls, expresses her love for the project, declaring, "Bruce Ryder has been my greatest love project that’s been in the making for 10 years. I just had to wait for the tools technology to catch up to the vision to bring him to life."

As the world witnesses the ascent of AI-generated influencers, with some reporting to earn over $50,000 a month on platforms like OnlyFans, and others revolutionizing the fashion sector with digital "photo-shoots," the line between reality and virtuality continues to blur. In this transformative era, the introduction of Bruce Ryder by Ducks Nuts Co signifies a pivotal and positive step forward, preserving the integration of traditional character design with new tech.


Behind Bruce's creation lies a meticulous process, involving collaboration with AI designers, graphic artists, and content creators worldwide. Spearheaded by visionary German designer Halim Alrasihi, the journey of crafting Bruce Ryder's persona unfolded over months, pushing the boundaries of custom AI character modeling and environment engineering. 

Our goal was to create visuals that evoke real emotions, like snapshots from everyday life. That meant using advanced AI tools, but more importantly, it was about giving Bruce the human touch. Emma's eye for detail and love for authenticity made it happen”. AI Artist and Model Designer, Halim Alrasihi

I hope it's not too long! My first draft was a bit too long haha I kept writing and writing about him like he's a good friend of mine. I just saw the images on the website and I couldn't be happier right now. You all did such an amazing job. I have a super bright smile and I can't stop it hahaha

What distinguishes Bruce from AI influencers appearing social media feeds is the authentic humanization of his character. Unlike generic models, Bruce possesses a defined personality, supported by a rich backstory and a credo that embodies the essence of the Ducks Nuts brand and product line: "Loosen Up Kid and Grab life by the balls." Audiences are able to subscribe to his free weekly column in the fictional publication of Wild Card magazine, where the depth of his character is slowly revealed. Soon Bruce will host lives on social media, giveaways and post personalised video shout outs to customers. 

In describing the inspiration behind the creative process Emma Barbato states “I’ve always drawn inspiration from iconic storytellers like Quentin Tarantino, Zack Snyder, and Christopher Nolan, in awe of their ability to bring characters and their worlds to life on screen. The advent of AI modeling technology presented an exciting opportunity to explore uncharted territory, combining my two decades of brand storytelling to create Bruce”

As Bruce Ryder makes his debut on the AI scene, he marks a new era of brand marketing and collaborative possibilities. Ducks Nuts Co aims to maintain the intimate creative process while embracing the power of brand ambassadorship, offering an Australian-made body care product with a rapidly growing following.

Subscribe to his column in Wild Card Magazine and find out how it unfolds. 

April 15, 2024 — Emma Barbato