Our cover story this month of Wild Card Magazine, your premier destination for the life and style of rogue men and women of the '70s. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the man of the sunset hour whose catchphrase, "Loosen Up and grab life by the balls," is on the lips of movers, makers, swingers, and players all over the nation – the one and only Bruce Ryder!

We meet Bruce on a balmy Sunday afternoon after a casual 18 holes on the Tropical Sands golf course. He casually changes into his signature silk robe, one of the many custom-made by his artisan hands to meet on the terrace for an 'Illusions' on ice. Bruce Ryder is no ordinary man. He's a wild card, a modern-day Renaissance rouge of our era with a simple message for the hearts and minds of young Wild Cards.

"Listen, kid, this thing called life, well, it's a wild ride. If you think you're gonna get it right all the time, you're dreaming. Relax. Those who preach they are, are talking bollocks. It's not our job to get it right; it's our job to give it a solid crack. Whether it's swinging, playing, riding, making, or moving, get after it. We've got one ride.

So loosen up and grab this wild ride by the balls. Go for it, kid.

You can't help but be instantly uplifted in his presence, which makes it true to form why we call him 'your ultimate hype guy'. That's why he's teamed up with Ducks Nuts Balls and Body to produce a line of body care kits and products designed to keep you loose so you can keep doing what you love.

So here's to Bruce Ryder – the man in your corner who our editor of Wild Card magazine has invited to write a weekly column of rogue words of wisdom. Subscribe here.



April 15, 2024 — Emma Barbato