Firstly, our are backed by Bruce, so that says they're the Ducks Nuts. 

Our balls aren't designed to be pretty science experiments to bathe in. Our balls are made for one thing - relief. We get it; the fizzing explosion of colors in your bath can be fun for a while, but we can't help but wonder if that blue and pink glitter is really doing you or your bath any favors.

We delved a little deeper into the matter, and it turns out that most of those bath bombs are just eye-catching novelties that can be toxic, dry out your skin, and maybe smell nice. However, the actual composition of these bath bombs is pretty clever and allowed us to tackle the problem of not knowing how much salt to use in your bath for that much-needed relief. So, we reworked the formula as best as we could, replacing the artificial coloring, leprechaun petals, and rosebud glitter with a healthy dose of magnesium chloride, Epsom salt, and Kaolin Clay. We also wanted to stay true to the soothing scent of eucalyptus oil, a fan favorite from the original 'Holy Crap I'm Sore.' That nostalgic aroma of the eucalyptus lollies you used to munch on at the roller-rink as a kid.

You still get that satisfying dissolving process in your bath, but now the aftermath offers a truly relaxing and moisturizing bath soak that'll leave you feeling like the Ducks Nuts.

April 14, 2024 — Emma Barbato