We heard about the collateral damage done to showers all over the country using our Epic Coffee Scrub, not to mention it was a tricky buggah to take on the road.

Keeping it dry in laundries and bathrooms to avoid bacteria and keep the ingredients pure was another problem we had to solve. Instead of loading it up with preservatives and chemicals, we took the ingredients to local Aussie makers and figured out a way to mould them into a non-abrasive scrub bar as an alternative.

Grubby Mitts was born.

Having our coffee scrub made into a scrub bar means it can be used to clean the muck, clay, paint, dirt and oils off your hands in your studio, workshop or bathroom without chaos of coffee grinds. 

Field tested on the tough hands of tradies through to the muddy hands of potters, Grubby Mitts passed the test. 


November 01, 2023 — Emma Barbato