Let's be honest; our bodies don't bounce back quite like they used to as we age. We start discovering muscles we didn't even know existed. But for most of us who have an affection for the good things in life, slowing down isn't on the agenda. We may not be going pro anytime soon, but we're determined to keep moving so we can continue to play, bend, lift, and dance as long as our bums still point to the ground.

We're not in the market for fancy, overpriced solutions, either. Sometimes, the tried-and-true remedies are the best. We've just given them a modern twist. Our goal was to create remedies that are simple, effective, and free from harmful chemicals.

First, we said goodbye to the typical chemical-laden bath soaks you find at the supermarket and introduced a blend of bath salts. 'Holy Crap I'm Sore' Bath Salts was the original champion of the Ducks Nuts salt range. But they were a bit tricky to store and keep dry without loading them up with the unwanted stuff we wanted to avoid. So, we teamed up with local artisans to reimagine the trendy bath bomb. Our balls aren't here for show or unicorn parties; they're all about providing relief. We stripped away the fancy (and sometimes toxic) fillers and packed them with as much magnesium as we could. After a brief hiatus to relocate to the Gold Coast, source our makers, and innovate our products, we're back with balls that will make you feel like the Ducks Nuts.


Now, most Aussies know that water is a precious resource, and not everyone has or enjoys a bath. That's why we created our balls in a bottle with LOOSEN UP, our magnesium oil body spray. This means that the relief you love can now be taken with you anywhere. With one of the highest concentrations of magnesium chloride, a few pumps of LOOSEN UP before bedtime will have you waking up feeling like the Ducks Nuts.

Our KEEP MOVING kits include 4 Ducks Nuts Balls and a bottle of Loosen Up, ensuring you have all the tools you need to keep moving and feeling fantastic.

November 01, 2023 — Emma Barbato