Our Ducks Nuts KEEP MAKING kits were born out of inspiration when Muzz received a private pottery class with the renowned Babette Keane from Keane Ceramics as a birthday gift. Like many who venture into the world of pottery, he was quickly captivated by the craft. Without much thought, a few snapshots were taken and shared on social media.

Before he knew it, the nickname 'Viking Potter' began to surface in feeds around the world as these images went viral. Coincidentally, Muzz's significant other was working with one of Australia's largest clay manufacturers, which made them realize that artists, potters, and handcraft enthusiasts often face physical challenges while pursuing their passions. The long hours, awkward positions, and muddied hands often led to sore backs, stiff necks, and cracked hands.

The resurgence of handmade arts during the pandemic ushered in a wave of eager newcomers to pottery and traditional crafts like woodworking, leatherworking, and textile arts, with Muzz being one of them. However, it also meant more aches, pains, and soiled hands. This served as the catalyst for the creation of KEEP MAKING, the essential body care kit designed for artists, makers, and handcrafters.

Our vision is to make the love for handcrafting, slow living, and original art a lasting part of everyday life, not just a passing trend. Just like tradespeople rely on their tools, hands and bodies are the instruments of creativity for makers. We are committed to ensuring they are well-taken care of, allowing you to continue doing what you love and sharing your creations with the world while you KEEP MAKING.

The KEEP MAKING kits are the perfect gift for artists, makers, handcrafters, and potters, suitable for all age groups and experience levels, making them an ideal year-round gift option.


November 01, 2023 — Emma Barbato