Keep Riding, Body Care Kit for Horse Riders, Cowboys and Cowgirls.


PRE-ORDERS JUNE 1ST 2024. The Body Care Repair Kit for the Cowboys and Cowgirls of Horse Riding. Backed by Brucie for cowboys and cowgirls who know the feeling of stiff saddle legs after a day galloping along open plains. This kit keeps your rig in top shape so you and your trusted steed can ride once more. 

The KEEP MOVING Kit has 4 x Loosen Up Bath Balls, 1 x Bottle of Loosen Up Magnesium Oil Body Spray. A cracking gift idea for Movers or one to treat yourself if you're feeling a little banged up. 


FREE GIFT FOR THE FIRST 50 KITS PURCHASED. A limited edition SMELLY NUTS hand poured Chill Soy Candle.

 *Ingredients and product details in links provided above.